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Get in the Game encourages athletes to transfer their drive and determination to the spiritual realm and shows that there is far more than a game on the line. Tony Evans , Jonathan Evans. The PreGame. About the Authors.

Athletic Spirituality and Competition, Part I

His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans , can be heard on over 1, US radio outlets daily and in more than countries.

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Evans launched the Tony Evans Training Center in , an online learning platform providing quality seminary-style courses for a fraction of the cost to any person in any place. The goal is to increase Bible literacy not only in lay people but also in those Christian leaders who cannot afford nor find the time for formal ongoing education.

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Baylor University is a professional football player, currently on the roster for the Buffalo Bills. A frequent communicator on living out your faith as an athlete, Jonathan is committed to developing the next generation of devoted Christian athletes. When you make your opponent think during the heat of competition, they never see the kill shot coming, much less can they do anything about it, until they have lost the point, been knocked to the canvass or suffered a strike out at the plate.

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For all us industrial athletes, Hutchinson notes that, "In , 13 million Americans reported being injured in a fall, often caused by simple trips on the sidewalk or on the stairs at home. For the over 65s, the figures are worse: One in three in this age group falls every year, resulting in some , hip fractures and more than 25, deaths, usually from traumatic brain injuries.

Even wearing socks interferes with this subtle feedback and worsens your balance. And how can you test your balance?

Gym Training for Spiritual Fitness (1 Timothy )

Try standing on one leg for 30 seconds, then close your eyes, as Hutchison suggests, and see if you can last for 20 seconds. Be prepared to have a wall or chair nearby if you start to loose your balance.

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  • While there are many devices on the market - stability balls, BOSU and balance boards - that can assist trainers and therapists with improving a person's balance and proprioception the process by which the body can vary muscle contractions in immediate response to incoming information regarding external forces, by utilizing stretch receptors in the muscles to keep track of the joint position in the body , the best modes of training may be playing games.

    Based on cognitive research, Hutchison commented that, "a striking feature of the balance and coordination exercises used in these cognitive studies is that they sound a lot like games.

    Training like a CROSSFIT GAMES REGIONALS ATHLETE for the Day

    Perhaps the enjoyment we get from a good game isn't just a nice bonus: It's an indicator that we're fully engaged, mind and body, in the activity. You could call that achieving good balance. He is currently a fitness consultant to Serena Williams and has trained numerous other professional athletes and consulted a litany of professional sports franchises.